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All the custom designed required 3D printed parts for a SatNOGS v3 Rotator Stepper Motor build. not including the Aluminum Tube, T-Slot frame, or Enclosure.


Parts are made of PLA via extrusion and come in a variety of colors. Parts are inspected for defects and assured to be in functional order. Minor inclusions may occur during the printing process but will not affect the operation of the rotator.


The worm gear & worm wheel are composed of ABS for durability.


Bill of Materials for Rotator:


Included Parts List:

(quantity) - Part Number
(4) - C1010-3

(4) - C1011-3

(2) - C1020-1

(2) - C1021-1

(2) - C1022-3

(2) - C1030-1

(2) - C1040-1

(2) - C1041-1

(2) - C1042-1

(2) - C1043-1

(2) - C1061-5

(2) - C1061-6

(2) - C1062-1

(2) - C1070-1

(2) - C1071-1

(2) - C1072-1

(3) - C1083-1

3D Printed Parts Only - SatNOGS Rotator v3

  • If any parts are found to be defective for the purposes of the rotator they may be returned and replaced with an equivalent part at no extra charge.

  • The SatNOGS specification states a precision of less than 1 deg pointing accuracy, however due to the filament extrusion layers the helical worm gear and engaging part may exhibit some backlash, placing the precision tolerance at slightly more than 1 deg.

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