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All the hardware you need in 2024 to build a SatNOGS rotator, not including the 3D printed custom parts. Avoid the hassle of tracking down distributions and special metric sizes with this kit.


The kit follows the specifications by It includes Stepper Motors, CNC Board, Arduino Uno, Timing Belt, Timing Belt Gears, Aluminum Extrusion 2020, Threaded Rod, Aluminum Tube, Brackets, Nuts, Screws, Washers, and more. The full part list to the side.


Additionally, the kit includes an upgraded optical endstop switch. The switch reduces annoyances associated with the metal-spring endstop normally used, and increases reliability. Purchasers will need the matching 3D parts C1040-2 and C1042-2 from


Resistors are included along with a circuit diagram making the upgrade fully compatible with CNC Shield or Satnogs Circuit Board builds.


Save on shipping costs with this complete package! This hardware kit is designed for those that already have 3D printing capabilities who will fabricate the Custom Parts (denoted by CXXXX) themselves.


Looking for a functioning ground station? Check out the Bowshock GS Kits instead!

SatNOGS Rotator Hardware Kit

    • Tools to build the rotator
    • 3D Printed Custom parts (denoted CXXXX by Satnogs)
    • Weather Proofing enclosure material
    • DC Motor & Supporting Hardware
    • Radio, Antenna, or SMA Cable
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