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Ideal For: VHF, UHF, L-Band Reception


Get started exploring satellites and other objects in orbit with a RF tuner and Yagi antenna. This ground station is designed to be an entry level gateway into the exciting world of tracking Low Earth Orbit (LEO) objects. You can listen to the International Space Station, search for amateur satellite beacons, or pull telemetry off the latest SpaceX launches.


The Bowshock GS kit is designed to be built by the enterprising hobbyist. Some technical skill in electronics and hand tools is necessary. If you've wired a couple Arduino projects, you'll find this to be a breeze. The kit includes a yagi antenna for receiving RF signals, a radio for transcribing them into meaningful information, and a rotator to increase gain by keeping the antenna pointed at your favorite orbiting object. More information about the rotator can be found here:


Radio Technical Specifications:

  • Radio: RTLSDRv3
  • Frequency Range: 500 kHz - 1766 MHz
  • Designed for Receive Only
  • ADC: RTL2832U 8 bit
  • Bandwidth: 2.4 MHz
  • Input Impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Operating Current: 270 mA
  • TCXO stabilized: 1ppm
  • 4.5V Bias T available
  • Connector: SMA-male
  • Software Compatible with: C#, CubicSDR, GnuRadio, GPredict, GQRX, and more!

Antenna Specifications:

  • 7 Element Yagi
  • Nominal Gain 9 dBi
  • Center Frequency: 435 MHz
  • VSWR: Less than 1.5:1
  • Front to Back Ratio: Greater than 15dB
  • Impedance: 50 Ohm
  • Connector: SL16/UHF Female


Rotator Specifications:

  • Pointing Accuracy: Less than 1 deg
  • Size: 16 in x 15 in x 6 in
  • Weight: 11 lbs
  • Max Driving Current: 4A
  • Max Power Consumption: 10.2 W
  • Antenna Mount: 2x 40mm Aluminum Hollow Round Arms
  • Base Mount: 40mm Aluminum Hollow Round
  • Compatible with DirectTV Mount via Off the Shelf Brackets
  • Weatherization and Case must be provided by customer
  • Control Interface: Arduino with rotctld
  • Control Software Compatible with: rotctld, PstRotator, GPredict, and more



  • RTL-SDR Wideband Low Noise Amplifier
  • USB A to B 5ft Development Cable
  • SMA 2ft Female to Female Cable
  • Female to Female SMA Union Coupler



The kit does not include the following components

- 3D Printed Parts for Rotator denoted CXXXX

- Weather proof shielding for Rotator

- Tools to assemble

Starter Bowshock GS Kit

  • Software Defined Radio
    Yagi Antenna
    Azimuth/Elevation Rotator

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